Middle School

In the same line with elementary education, Dehong's middle school education provides national standard curriculum enhanced with international education philosophy and approaches. It strengthens the education on bilingual learning skills and prepares the students for completing 9-year compulsory education and proceeding to international high school curriculum.

After 5 years of education in Dehong elementary school, middle school students are equipped with English learning and communication skills the same level of their counterparts in DCI. At this stage, we will gradually raise standards of our English education and assessment to the same level for native English-speaking students. For new students, we will pay more efforts to their English education, bring them up to speed in English learning and expression within short time.  

Apart from core subjects like Chinese, Mathematics and Humanities, all other subjects contain both Chinese and foreign learning materials and will be taught bilingually by Chinese and foreign teachers. Not only do we assist students in building their system of knowledge, we also encourage students to engage in cross-disciplinary researches driven by their passion and interest and to build a bridge between academic knowledge and real world, awaken students' curiosity on the known and unknown world and guild them to carry out independent research. Our hope is that, through independent and proactive learning, our students can deeply understand and care for the complex world we live in, learn to face up to changes and challenges, take responsibility for the future of mankind. 

Middle school curriculum will include second foreign language, career planning and matriculation counselling in addition to Chinese, ,Math, Moral education, Science, Humanities, Music, Art and Design, Physical Education and Information Technology. Nevertheless, Dehong's ''Enrichment Curriculum'' will be further enriched and intensified.